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We search for the freshest, best quality, regional ingredients to create our sauces, condiments, spices, seasonings, rubs and grilling planks.
  — Mustards from Eastern Washington Farmlands
Horseradish from the rich Rogue River Valley
Relish from the fertile Skagit Valley
Dairy from the Cascade Mountain Foothills
Fresh grown Wasabi from the Oregon Coastline
All Natural Spices From the Farmers Market
All our products are produced in a quality controlled environment meeting and surpassing HACCP & GMP’s standards.
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148 years of History: Pike Pier & Puget Sound Foods

The Pike Pier was competed in 1871 and is located on the Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington.

In 1902 Schwabacher Bros. & Company established itself on neighboring Pier 6 and became Seattle's first wholesaler. By 1904 Pike Pier was the central waterfront headquarters for fish merchants and fishing fleets. Pacific Net and Twine was originally located on Pier 6 and moved to Pike Pier 8 in 1913. Pacific Net and Twine, from then until after World War II, was home for fisherman and merchants who served and represented them. Voluntary fishing groups (like the Fishing Vessel Owners Association and the Purse Seiners' Association) took residence on the Pike Pier. A variety of sail-makers, fish brokers, and other specialists in supplies for the fisheries had offices there as well. In 1927 Pacific Net & Twine changes its name to Pacific Marine Supply Co. In 1966, Pacific Marine Supply Company and the Schwabacher Bros. & Company merged and renamed as Pacific Marine Schwabacher, Inc.

In 1979 Puget Sound Foods founder enters the wholesale business by working as a purchasing agent for Pacific Marine Schwabacher. In 1987 Captain Toady's Tasty Sauces was born. Toady's was created by a local group of entrepreneurial friends consisting of chefs, food producers, artists and merchants in the Seattle area. In 2002 Puget Sound Foods acquired Captain Toady's. Over the next 12 years Puget Sound Foods continues to create new northwest products and expanding distribution. Puget Sound Foods continues to sell its products across the US & Canada with its Captain Toady's, Puget Sound Gourmet Naturals and Pike Market Naturals products.

The preservation and celebration of the Pike Pier continues in the Puget Sound Region. Pike Pier 8 is now Pier 58 and is home of Seattle's Waterfront Park and Aquarium.

The Pike Pier Fisherman products bring over 148 years of history full circle. At Puget Sound Food we continue to celebrate this rich history by working with local merchants, farmers markets and producers in the great pacific northwest and beyond.

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